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HomeProJunction helps you find and hire licensed professional painters near you. We provide you absolutely free access to get free quotes from these painters and hire anyone that suits your job and is perfect for your budget.

We understand that painting is one of the easiest and most effective methods of enhancing the aesthetic value of your home or office. So we’ve done all the hard work for you - creating the largest database of professional painters across the United States.

You can hire licensed and professional residential and commercial painters on HomeProJunction. If you want crisp and beautiful coat of paints on your home or office walls, then you need a skilled and experienced professional painter to handle the brush! Let HomeProJunction match you with the right painter today!

How to find and hire a professional painter on HomeProJunction

Finding a professional painter should never be an ordeal. At HomeProJunction, we understand that almost anyone can handle a painting brush and even try to paint. But not everyone is a professional painter.

To find a professional painter on HomeProJunction, all you have to do is request for Free Home Pro Quotes and indicate that you need the services of a painter. Several different licensed professional painters near you will send you Free Quotes and you have the absolute freedom to choose anyone you want.

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Why hire painters on HomeProJunction?

Free Painting Quotes

We provide absolutely free Painting Quotes for both residential and commercial painting services. All you have to do is request for Free Painting Quotes and we will be excited to send them your way.

Top-notch painting services by professional painters

We have thoroughly screened all the painters on HomeProJunction to ensure they have the skills and experience to deliver the highest quality of painting services. So once you hire a painter on our platform, you’ve hire the best possible hands for your job.

Largest pool of insured and licensed painters

At HomeProJunction, we have the largest data bank of fully insured and licensed professional painters in the United States. We save you from the stress of background checks and verifying pedigrees before hiring a painting contractor.

Find the right painter for your job

We understand that every painting job is unique regardless of how similar they may seem. So we make sure we match you with the specific type of painter you need for your job. Whether you need a residential painter or a commercial painter, you’re in good hands once you hire a painter on HomeProJunction.

Compare cost before hiring

Since we provide Free Quotes from several different licensed professional painters, you can compare the costs of each painter as well as the quality of their services before you make up your mind to hire any.

In-depth background check

Just like in almost any other industry, there are rogue painters parading themselves as experts. This is one of the key reasons why we do a thorough background check of all painting contractors before approving them on our site. So once you hire a painter on our platform, you’ve hired a licensed professional with a strong pedigree of professional services.

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